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Chevy / Purple Roads



In 2013 Chevy launched their new line of Silverado trucks. This truck's story was bigger than the job site.The Super Bowl was the perfect place to cap off the launch year, cementing the fact that these trucks had soul.

Highlighting Chevy's longstanding partnership with the American Cancer Society, the Purple Roads program was created. Chevy raised awareness, enlisted volunteers, and donated money to help with cancer recovery and survival.



A Super Bowl commercial and the promotional video above both sent people to

Once there they could turn their Facebook and Twitter profile pictures purple for World Cancer Day February 4th.

Chevy donated $1 to the ACS for every purple profile picture.


The site provided more information about the ACS and their Road to Recovery program, which connects volunteer drivers to people who need help getting to and from treatment.

By the end of World Cancer Day over 1.4 Million people had turned their pictures purple to show support. Chevy donated $1 Million to the American Cancer Society.

Purple profile images by World Cancer Day.

Purple profile images by World Cancer Day.


  • Most traffic to ever

  • More than 2000 volunteers were created or retained

  • Average of 51 new volunteer sign ups per day during the week of World Cancer Day

  • The ACS saw a 505% increase in their Facebook following over their normal rate

  • Chevy’s social following grew the most of any brand post Super Bowl. Fan acquisition accelerated by 500% compared to its normal rate.

  • Chevy was one of the top 3 brands in social buzz pre-Super Bowl


The most inspiring part of it all was the real stories that were shared by people who had been affected by this disease.


Agency: Leo Burnett

CD: Johnny Walker

AD: Jack Douglas

Copy: Amalie Brettschneider